My Sunday Experience

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Flower Spot CollageWhen I first moved to Sacramento, a coworker suggested that I visit the Sacramento Central Farmers’ Market under the freeway. I was told it had everything you could ever need: fruit, vegetables, seafood and more. One day my partner at the time decided to get take a look and see if my coworker was right. When we arrived we saw couples, families (young and old) and tons of folks with recyclable bags and push carts, all on a mission; looking for the best and the freshest items for them and their families. My ex was a good cook and he was in heaven.

Tall Flower Collage

On all of our trips to the open-air market we walked; tasting fruit, squeezing vegetables, tasting cheeses, just sampling everything that was there to be sampled. I loved everything about this place, especially how everyone was always smiling and seemed extremely happy. It actually put me in a better mood.

As we walked around the market, I saw a few fresh flower vendors. I have always loved fresh flowers and the flowers at this market were absolutely beautiful. They had every flower that I could ever want at half the cost. When I saw these flowers my heart and eyes started smiling (if your heart could smile). From that moment on, my trips to the market were all flower-focused.

I started out buying pre-made floral arrangements but recently I tapped into my creative juices. I usually have no idea what I am going to create; I just wait until I see the flowers and let the spirit move me.  I have even amazed myself with what I have been able to put together. If I am not attending church on Sundays, I will stop by the market, pick out some fresh flowers, turn on gospel music and start creating. I am in my zone, connecting with God and me at the same time!

Having fresh flowers bring a sense a calm and happiness into the home. When I come home from work and see my flowers, it puts an immediate smile on my face. My Sunday Experience …………oh how I love it!

Updated Flowers

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