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In brunching-with-branch-part-1/, I outlined how to select the right people for your brunch. Just in case you need a little refresher:

  • Determine the number of people you want to invite
  • Determine the vibe for your brunch (singles, couples, a mixture of both, etc.)
  • Create your invite list, making sure you avoid people who may have conflicts or will create awkward situation. 
  • Include whether or not plus ones are invited

Now that you have selected the right people, it’s time to select the right place with the best atmosphere. I will offer suggestions for intimate brunches of 2-4 people and for large group brunches of 6 people or more. This list will be comprised of some of my favorite Atlanta restaurants, but you can apply these rules no matter where you live.

Here is how I select a good brunch spot:

  • Reservations: I only select places that I can make a reservation. I am not a person who has the patience to wait in line. I recommended using Open Table (using this allows you to earn free meals) or the restaurant’s website.
  • Price: Not selecting a place with the right price point could ruin your brunch. You may want to look at places that offer buffets and bottomless mimosas. Just because I like to over indulge in brunch does not mean that others will appreciate an expensive brunch. I also strongly suggest figuring out how the check will be paid beforehand. You can tell attendees to bring cash, do Apple pay after brunch, pay individually, or split one check. One of my pet peeves is to sit around the table with paper and pen trying to figure out who had what. I know few people like that, and it does not make for a good experience.
  • Service: I worked in retail for over 20 years and therefore service is very important to me. I often will love a restaurant where the food isn’t outstanding, but the service wins me over. I always let the manager on duty know of things she/he/they could do to approve the food menu. If you are selecting a place for the first time, use YELP to get a better understanding of the service. I am a huge YELPER!!
  • Location: Make sure you select a location that is central to all the attendees. No one wants to travel over 30 min to get to brunch.Le Bilboquet, Bulkhead Atlanta, GA.
  • Menu: This has become very important now that many more people have specific dietary restrictions. Make sure you know and take into consideration all dietary needs. You want to make sure your attendees can have a meal they will enjoy.

Here are my tips for selecting a place based on the size of your group:

Le Bilboquet- Lump Crab Meat and Avocado. Photo By: Shawn V. Branch / Reel Urban Images
  • Intimate Gatherings: If you are having brunch with your significant other or a double date, you may want a quiet and romantic atmosphere. I recommend Le Bilboquet in Buckhead. It is a French restaurant with a great menu, excellent staff and outdoor seating.Le Bilboquet- Steak Tartare. Photo By: Shawn V. Branch / Reel Urban Images
  • I’ve done brunch here a few times and I never leave disappointed. My menu favs are the lump crab with avocado, Wagyu beef tartare,salmon tartare and mussels. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.Le Bilboquet- Mussels Photo By: Shawn V. Branch / Reel Urban Images 

Another great spot is The Brasserie located in Midtown on the Beltline. This spot is relatively new with a great atmosphere.

Brassarie- Duck Confit Photo By: Shawn V. Branch / Reel Urban Images 

You can select indoor seating or sit outside, and people watch on the Beltline. Please know that if you sit outside the people and noise may not make for a romantic afternoon. A few of my favorite items are the duck confit, steak tartare and steak frites. They also have an updated French 75.

Brasserie- beef tartare with caviar Photo By: Shawn V. Branch / Reel Urban Images 

I have given you all the ingredients for a wonderfully successful brunch.

Go forth and eat, ‘bon appétit!!