When Even Best Laid Plans Don’t Happen

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Plan 3We all know how important it is to plan. We plan everything from our meals, friendships, and jobs, to when we want to settle down, get married, or have kids. But sometimes God/life has a different plan for us. At times, even the best laid out plans never happen.

I have realized in my forty-six years of living that I cannot control everything or plan out every part of my life. If you have not yet experienced your plans not working out, as my pastor at my home church always says, “Keep living.” In our society, life is always changing and if you are not grounded and centered, the slightest alteration could make you question life and most importantly yourself and the decisions you make.

In my lifetime I have seen many things happen to friends, family, and me. The employer suddenly downsizes, relocation may need to happen to keep a job or find one, relationships end, health problems develop, unplanned pregnancies happen, or financial issues occur.  When life-changing events happen they will of course shake you or throw you a little off balance, but I have learned to stay calm and ask God for guidance because I know that there is a reason for everything that happens in life.

Here are some of the things I practice that have helped me stay grounded and not be totally thrown off course when things don’t go as I have planned: pray, meditate, attend church, spend wisely/save, develop and maintain meaningful friendships, read uplifting books, do some planning and stop worrying.

Recently, I have decided to live in the moment or what I call, respecting the now. I think we get so worried about the next thing in life that we forget to enjoy the present moment. I honestly believe that if I enjoy the now (present moment), I will be ready for the next job, mate or thing that God wants me to have in my life. When God is ready for me to have it, He will bless me with it.

So the next time things do not go according to your plan, stay calm, pray and ask God, or whatever you believe in, for guidance and know there is a reason for everything that happens in your life. That interruption in your plan may be a blessing and you need to be patient, calm and grounded to receive it!


Sometimes things change, plans fail, joy fades, and excitement goes. You begin to ask why, but when you look above, all worries depart. God is always there for you!