Brunching with Branch: The Elements That Contribute To A Good Time (Part I)

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I take brunch pretty seriously; so a lot of thought goes into brunching with the right people and selecting a place with the right atmosphere and an awesome menu. Because of the importance of brunching, I’ve decided to break it down for you in two parts; part one, the guestlist and part two, the food and drink menus.

Photo-op following an outstanding brunch.
A good brunch crew is very important to me. A good  brunch can be with two people or ten people. However, when you get more than ten people, I’ve found it hard to have a very inclusive conversation. I want my brunch to have great energy and conversation, lots of laughs and NO drama. Everyone does not have to be close friends, but everyone must be open to meeting, getting to know each other and being in a stimulating environment. This is not the time for shy or introverted people, sorry!

What is considered good brunch conversation? Almost everything!! However, we do keep the topic of politics to a minimum because we are trying to have a great time; with the current state of affairs, politics can be a buzz kill. Other topics include relationships, dating, travel, current events, books, movies and music. The goal is to have light-hearted conversation in which everyone can contribute. Remember, everyone has an opinion and we make sure that all are heard and respected.

Laughing it up with the Ladies at the bar attending yet another great brunch.
Here are brunch quick tips to inviting friends:

–          Determine the number of people you want to invite.

–          Determine the vibe for your brunch (singles, couples, a mixture of both, etc.)

–          Create your invite list, make sure you avoid people who may have conflicts or will create awkward situation. 

–          Include whether or not plus ones are invited.

Celebrating a Birthday Day Brunch with Close Friends.

Please understand the same people do not need to come to every brunch.

You are now on your way to having a great brunch. Next up, selecting a brunch spot: stay tuned for Part II of this blog for that!