It’s About You

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It’s About You

I have just completed the first six days of the 21- Day Meditation Challenge ( I am excited that I am taking part in this and how good it feels.  The focus for the first six days along with the corresponding centering thoughts were:

–       Day 1- Miraculous Journey- Today I am open to the presence of miracles

–       Day 2- Miraculous You- I am a radiant spiritual being

–       Day 3Miraculous Nature- I am a wondrous miracle of life

–       Day 4 – Miraculous Self- As I love and honor myself, my relationships blossom

–       Day 5- Miraculous Esteem- I am a perfect, divine creation

–       Day 6 – Miraculous Magnificence- I cherish the beauty in myself and others

The first six days have reaffirmed something that I recently realized that is very important. We must first love, honor and respect, ourselves before we can develop and maintain healthy relationships with friends, family, spouses, significant others, etc. If we are exhibiting toxic thoughts and behaviors, we will most likely attract the same thing (we attract who we are). It all starts with us!!

The refreshing thing to know is that we can change! It will take some work but we must develop a firm foundation to keep us centered as we travel throughout life. We must take care of ourselves, know who we are and not define ourselves by what we have, our relationships or our jobs. As we continue to live and travel through life we will make mistakes but we have to forgive ourselves and move forward. To hold on to past mistakes, blocks us from our new beginnings/blessings!

At the beginning of the year, I felt a bit disconnected so a friend recommended a few books. Their favorite and now one of my favorite books is, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. It teaches we must change the way we think in order to change our lives. Joyce Meyers says “so many people’s problems are rooted in thinking patterns that actually produce the problems they experience in their lives”.

I am looking forward to the next 15 days of this meditation challenge and you can still joins us. Log on to to sign up!

The Light is Within YOU!