Giving Thanks

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Many times in life we are searching for people or things to make us happy. The search for happiness has lead us to make bad financial decisions (buying material things) and staying in unhappy relationships (sexual and platonic).  We buy the expensive car, the big house, and get in relationships with people who are not a perfect match-doing all these things looking for happiness that will in most cases be temporary. In our desperate search for happiness we have forgotten to love ourselves and be thankful for what we have and the people in our lives.

I recently heard a definition of gratitude that struck a cord and made me smile. Gratitude is finding the beauty in what is and not in what we are hoping for or interpreting.  You drive a car that is not fancy, but it is paid off and gets your from point A to point B, you live in a small house that has not had any major structural issues or needed major repairs, or your mate may not have the best job or perfect body but they love you and come home every night. Be thankful!

To be able to see the beauty in everyone and everything in the present state, will ultimately allow us to be open to receive what God has in store for us. I am thankful for everyday, every person and everything that God has placed in my life!

Every morning and every night my prayer starts with the same two words…….thank you. Thank you God for my  friends, family, good health, flowers, tress, birds, sun, rain, good times, the challenges and the obstacles. I am thankful to be alive!!

We must see the beauty in all people and all things!

Thank You!!