The Beginning of Something Good

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The Beginning of Something Good

I know many of you are taking part in the Oprah/Deepak  21 Day Meditation Challenge ( I’ve heard from a few of you and like me this is your first attempt at meditation.  Like many things that are new to us, the beginning is always the toughest. My hope is that you will push through and keep moving.

Being centered and focused doesn’t have to end when your meditation session ends. Try to maintain that feeling of calm and inner peace throughout your entire day. Here are two things that may help: first, listen to nature music while at work or home. If you do not have CDs, just go to Pandora and select nature radio. The music will keep you in that meditation state. Second, upload calming pictures as your screen saver or post them by your desk. I love pictures of clear blue water because the water serves as a calming agent for me. Just to look at water puts me in a great space. My friend and coworker drove to Tahoe this past weekend and took some of the most amazing pictures that I am happy to share with you.

If we can stay focused, I believe the next 21 days will be the start of something good.

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3 thoughts on “The Beginning of Something Good

  1. I love these pictures shawn! We need to go to Lake Tahoe one day. You seem like a chill person to travel with (aka meaning you will calm my butt down when I get all ratchet heheheh LOL soooo just kidding).

    I’m going to be really honest with you…. I didn’t start the challenge. I’m thinking I will start tonight…maybe. #Dontjudgeme

    I’m loving your word though. So happy you started blogging!

    1. I am down with that! My coworker said that place is absolutely beautiful.

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