Top 5 for 2017

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Usually I rush to write something at the beginning of the new year but this time I wanted to take my time. I knew exactly what I wanted my first post to be about in 2017: what I am looking to do in 2017 and how I plan to live a better life. My go to word this year is elevate. I’m focused on taking my life to the next level as I am sure many of you are.

What will it take to get there: YOU!

Here’s how I plan to make 2017 count; let the good times roll!

Stay away from all negativity. That includes negativity from people, television shows, and social media. We must be extremely aware more than ever what we allow to consume our time and into our spirit. There is a ton of negativity in the world and it will take a strong will power not to allow it to become a part of your everyday life. Find out what makes you happy, smile, feel good, and what brings you joy and inner peace, and then do more of that until it becomes a natural part of your day and life.

Take a break from social media. Social media has become the main source of the latest news and current affairs but it can also be the source of stress and negativity. There are many untrue stories that are posted that ignite tension between people and that ultimately start arguments that turn people to attack each other. Our use of social media must be managed to enable us to have a more positive life, as opposed to becoming a source of negativity or insecurity. Feel free to disconnect and not feel bad about it.

Be health conscious. When I say health conscious I mean be aware of how we live. Being health conscious can include a few things: regular doctor visits, going to a therapist, getting a massage, walking, practicing yoga, spending time with positive people, choosing your attitude every morning, changing eating habits, etc. The choices we make daily impact the health of our mind and body, so let’s pay attention and make sure we are making the right choices.

Be present and fully engaged. This is a big one. Put down the cell phone. Some of us (myself included) have become so attached to our phones that we are not present at meetings, dinners and even when we are having much needed downtime. We have dinner with friends and the entire time we are checking our phones for messages, taking pictures and updates on social media. I think we owe it to each other to be present to fully enjoy the experience, no matter what it is. When we meet with people and are not fully present, we are telling them their time and presence is not important. Let’s be more respectful this year!

Do more of what makes you happy. It’s time to dig past the surface and find out what makes us happy and do more of those things. It’s okay not do what others do, it’s your life not someone else’s. So many times, we do things out of obligation to make other people happy that we forget that our first obligation is to us. It doesn’t have to be big things. Take yourself out to dinner, treat yourself to a spa weekend, eat a cupcake, play in the dirt, read a book, go sit on the beach, watch an old movie, go on a vacation, spend time with friends; no matter what it is, if you want it, just do it! The cost of not living a happy life is unhappiness, and no one wants to be unhappy.

What’s on your list for 2017?

Have a great 2017!!