The Best Way To Get The Most Out of Social Media

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I was not introduced to Facebook until 2008 when two of my coworkers had FB pages and they really wanted me to join. I honestly could not see the benefit Facebook and why it was so necessary. I changed careers and my present job had me sitting in front of a computer all day. The last thing I wanted to do with my personal time was to spend it on a computer looking at the lives of others. I honestly thought it was a waste of time and from what I could see, pretty addictive.

So finally in September 2009 (I had to look at my timeline), I officially became a member of the Facebook family. Honestly, I caved mostly because I was curious about all the “hype” and it seemed like every conversation was centered around a Facebook posting. There have been many articles written about social media (FB, Twitter, blogs etc) and how it has had negative impact on society, especially in the area of how we communicate with one another. I have some of those concerns but I don’t blame the outlet but I turn my focus on the individual.

Many in today’s society use social media as their main source of communication and that is where the problem starts. Many are quick to take to the internet every issue: personal, family, sex, relationship, and work. I believe that all aspects of one’s life are not for public consumption or entertainment. It makes me wonder if the posting of very personal issues is a cry for help or attention.

That being said, I know some would disagree with me. I have a friend who does not understand why people post bible verses, motivational phrases or pictures of food. I recall posting my lunch (it was delicious) and my friend replied, “What have I told you about posting pictures of food?” I had to laugh. I have read funny jokes, seen videos of people taking pole dancing classes, people getting pedicures, fights/arguments (do not watch those anymore), people falling asleep in church, and half nude pictures to name a few. I must admit, I have even used FB to play fashion commentator for the award shows (it is fun)!!

My view of FB and some other social media sites has changed a bit.  FB has allowed me to reconnect with high school friends, follow the lives of friends and family members that live in other states, read uplifting stories, post (clean) pics, and share parts of my life journey. I do not use Facebook as my only source of communication but as one of a few ways I communicate with others. In 2013 after reading things on FB and various sites I decided a few things:

  • Only to use social media to uplift and inspire;
  • To not support sites that are negative; and
  • To un-friend any FB friends that were not being positive or uplifting.

I am well aware that everyday is not a bed of roses but I also know there are many other ways to cope with failure and disappointment.

What we give, we get. You post a negative comment, most likely you will get a negative comment back.  It’s up to us to break the cycle and use social media for good. It’s up to us to change the cycle!!! Do your part!!!   be_the_change_gandhi_quote_posters-rfa9e9e0f8e15456e85e78fcd311bbdc0_w2q_8byvr_512



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