Staying Fit and Healthy- September Interview

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JC 1In conjunction with September being Self Improvement Month, I figured SV Branches would do its part to help (Staying Fit and Healthy) with easy exercises and fitness facts to help maintain all the hardwork that many of you did over the summer.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this month I solicited help from my friend and previous trainer Jon Corona of Aspire Strength and Wellness to offer his expert advice (which I posted on my FB fanpage). To close out this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jon to find out more about him and his mission to improving the lives of others.

How did you become interested in personal training? I first became interested in personal training after I worked out for eight months straight to help improve my strength and sport performance for wrestling. I immediately noticed all the benefits of my hard work; I was faster, stronger and bigger. My aches and pains disappeared, I had more energy, I was more focused, and above all my self-confidence increased. I rapidly started to see my life change for the positive and I wanted to share my feelings and outcomes with others so that they could experience the same thing.

Can you tell me about your training/certification? I began to study and follow the world of strength and conditioning after I became interested in improving my sport performance through fitness. Needless to say, my programming is based on my strength and conditioning background in which I follow different principles, modalities, and most important progressions. I have trained well over 7,000 hours and within that time I have created many different progressions for those at different levels of fitness. I structure programs based on an individual’s goals and assessments and also his/her unique needs. Here’s a quick overview of what a typical session with me looks like:

** Assessment, Soft tissue work (foam roll), Corrective Exercise, Dynamic warm-up, Core training, Strength Training,  Metabolic Conditioning (intense short cardio) and Recovery Work (stretching) **

Are there any major differences in training men vs. women? If so, what are they? When it comes to training men and women, there really is not much of a difference. My program depends on the desired outcome/goals of the individual. I’ve heard a lot of myths about how women train differently than men, but I can re-assure you that they are all just myths since 90% of my clientele are women and none of those myths have yet to be proven.

What three areas are people most unhappy about? The three areas most females are unhappy with are their midsection, butt, and thighs; most males are unhappy with their midsection, chest, and arms.

Do you recommend protein or stimulants for muscle growth? If so, what brand and why? I do recommended protein because it is one of the most beneficial macronutrients to the body and just not for muscle building. Protein does so much for the body, and often times we underestimate its benefits. As a result, many people are protein deficient in their diets. Everyone has a specific daily protein ratio that they need based on their body composition and goals. The only nutritional products I recommend are from Herbalife and Herbalife24. Extensive research has shown that these products provide the highest quality of ingredients to the consumer. Above all, I recommend these products because of the difference they have made with my own health and physique, as well as the benefits I’ve seen them produce for my clients. If you are interested, you can find out more at, or you can email me directly at

Why did you and your partners decide to start Aspire Strength and Wellness? We decided to start Aspire Strength and Wellness because we found we all had similar modalities of training, beliefs, and principles. We have a great team dynamic and want to help people reach their goals.

What motivates you? Nothing motivates me more than witnessing positive transformations in people. One of my core values is to always be a positive influence to others, which brings so much joy to my life.

I enjoy reading your daily positive quotes. Please explain the importance of those quotes Being a personal trainer we are often seen as motivators more than educators. I remember reading a positive quote every morning before heading out to work to start my day. So I figured why not share it with everyone so we can all have a positive and productive happy day. Believe or not, many have shared with me how the quotes help them start their day on a positive note.

Do you encourage dieting? If so, why or why not? I don’t necessarily encourage dieting but I recommend habit changes to a healthier and smarter way of eating that will last a lifetime. The goal is to change your lifestyle to a healthier one; dieting often times is for a certain period of time that can be damaging to the body due to some of the extreme forms of dieting that exist.

What is the most important thing you tell your clients about staying fit and healthy? Being healthy and fit is a choice we all make, and it is necessary for our well-being. It helps with increased energy levels, better moods, better health, and being more productive. Most often we start exercising for emotional reasons and short-term goals. But as we notice the benefits, some will adopt these habits as permanent and positive changes to their life style. That is the secret to incorporating fitness and healthier choices into your life.

To schedule an appointment with Jonathan Corona: Aspire Strength and Wellness, 2130 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95818, 916-548-2444.

Jon and SVB