Season of Gratitude…..My Thanksgiving 2013

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Did I need this week?             2013 Wrap Up

Thanksgiving my favorite holiday, but this year’s goes down in the books because it came at the right time. It could have been that I was missing my family and friends, or that I needed a good home cooked meal, time away from work, and some serious time on the dance floor, or that I just needed to exhale. Whatever the reason, it was great and I enjoyed every moment.

The Thanksgiving dinner had all my favorite dishes: greens, ham, turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, sauerkraut, sweet potato pie, and cakes. My sisters and mother even added chitterlings to the menu (I passed). To top of the evening, we had crazy family conversation, watched Raven’s football (I’m not a football fan), and took family pictures.  I loved every moment!

One of my favorite highlights every Thanksgiving (and every East Coast visit), is to meet with my favorite high school girl friends. We reconnected in 2011 via Facebook (thanks Mark Z) and made the commitment to get together every time I make it back home. We talk about work, love, life, old classmates, spouses, and anything else we can fit in.  During most of the conversation, someone is in tears and holding their stomach from laughing so hard. I love these ladies and I would not have made it through high school without their friendships. We were chatting on FB the day after and one of the ladies named the group, Shawn’s Gurlz!

Friends 4:2012

           Friends Collage





As the week progressed, I had time to: take my beautiful goddaughter out to lunch and get her nails done; go to the movies with my mother and sisters (Black Nativity); go dancing with one of my best friends; grab lunch and drinks with other good friends; get dinner with lots of great people, including my sisfriend (I’m making up words), ex –workers I respect and adore, and with my fellas; and get some good eating in from a few of my favorite Baltimore spots! One day I was so tired, I had to stay in bed till 2pm (I’m not that young anymore J).

My Sunday started off with a visit to my church in Baltimore that I love so much! My mom tagged along with me and we really enjoyed the service. When I am in Sacramento, I watch service on the Internet but it is nothing like seeing friends and getting the word from Bishop Walter Thomas in person. The sermon was titled, “Excited: Shut Up and Scream,” from Luke 1:5-22. Some of his points were:

  • Excitement is a by product of being touched by God;
  • You have to serve while suffering;
  • Be faithful even when you feel forgotten;
  • God made me special in spite of my situation; and
  • Grateful excitement- excitement comes from what God has already done!

I needed all of that!!!

When it was time for me to head to the airport, I was fed and full in all areas. My God knew exactly what I needed because He is always on time. I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends.

We are still in the Season of Gratitude! Be kind and thankful for all things!