Holiday Party Fashion Tips for Men

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golden christmas baublesIt’s Holiday Party Time: Men Are You Ready?

It is that time again to get ready for the holiday parties. I know that some dread getting all dressed up but I really look forward to it. Whether it’s a work holiday party or more of a social party, you always have to look festive and dressed for the occasion. I know that most of the attention is usually on the ladies, but men: It’s time for us to represent.

My overall style has always been to invest more in basics (especially if you are on a budget) and a “splash” or “pop” of trendy items. The same guidelines can be used for holiday day party outfits.  You can always look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. The trick to this is to add the “expensive” with the “inexpensive”. For example: go to a discount men’s store (K & G), buy a black suit (no pleats in pants), and make sure you get it tailored to fit you like a glove. Add in a nice colorful tie, pocket square, crisp white shirt (all from Marshalls or TJ Maxx), and shoes from Nordstrom Rack, and I bet you will look like you spent millions. Again, many make the mistake of going to high-end stores for classics/basics when they don’t need to. A white shirt is a white shirt whether you buy it from Bloomingdales or Marshalls; just make sure it fits right!

As I reviewed my previous holiday party outfits(below)they all are pretty similar. Again, my style is classy with a little “pop”. You have to figure out your comfort level, your fashion/style goal, and most importantly your budget. Please do not go in debt for fashion; there is no need to.

Holiday Party Collage

 Here are some quick (basic) tips to help you be a hit at the holiday party:

–     Make sure you know the dress code for the party- MOST IMPORTANT.

       Always have a nice tailored black suit if all else fails.

–       If you do not own a suit, try to wear a blazer(velvet is always festive), especially to the office holiday party.

–       Wear a nice fitted shirt- white is always  good but color can work as well (always where an undershirt and not an “A” shirt).

–      Wear nice dress shoes (please get shoes professionally polished at Nordstrom for a few dollars)- lace ups preferred but a nice slip-on can do as well.

–       Wear a nice tie with a pocket square (please know that ties and pocket squares do not have to be a perfect match).

–       Add in some patterned socks just in case you cross your legs.

–       Get a nice haircut and shave.

 If you follow these easy guidelines, I bet you will turn heads. There is nothing like seeing a “well-dressed” man all the time! Let’s make looking good a daily thing!

Happy Holidays!