Season of Gratitude…..My Sacramento Crew

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SAC Collage 1I moved from Washington, D.C. to Sacramento, CA about two years ago for my job. One of my major concerns while I contemplated the move was how much I would miss my closest friends. Now, I know we could plan trips to see each other but there is nothing like having those who know you the best living close to you. We had spent the last 20 years together, building and nurturing friendships. We were always there for each other to discuss work and personal issues, to workout and attend social events together, or just to have silly conversations. I would look forward to leaving work early to grab an adult beverage at Busboys and Poets or Nellies (my favorite Washington, D.C. spots). Oh, those were the days!

For those of you who have ever relocated to a new place, you can hopefully understand my position.  One easy solution is to hang out with co-workers but that is not always the best solution.  For some reason the conversations always seem to come back to work and that is not good. I have honestly tried to meet non-work buddies (found a few) but it has been hard.

As with any relationship, trust is very important and it is very rare to find easily within people and relationships these days. Many find it very hard to believe that with my positive attitude, it can be hard for me to make friends.  My belief is friendship is something you earn and not just freely handed out. Not to get bogged down with titles, but I am skeptical of people who refer to everyone in their life as a friend. I break things down in my relationships this way: best friends, friends, buddies, acquaintances, and co-workers. I know some may disagree but it’s my thing.

Andre and Fran

In keeping with my Season of Gratitude, I want to thank those co-workers who have become more than just co-workers and have made my transition to a new place a little easier. We do brunches, attend festivals, happy hours, check out movies, have small gatherings at my house, and have great conversations. They have taught me to open up a little; not everyone is out to cause conflict and bring you harm.

THANK YOU my Sacramento crew for being my comfort in a new place! I look forward to exciting times, great conversations, and much more fun!!!

st patricks day

The Boys