Season Of Gratitude……My Blogger Boo

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Leaves for fallI love that we are now in the month of November!

My love for this time of year didn’t start until I was in my late 30’s when I started to appreciate (what I call) the simple things in life.  I love fall clothes (sweaters and wool pants), the wonderful changing colors of leaves, the start of Christmas music being played on the radio, how people generally seem nicer, getting together with family and friends for Thanksgiving, and giving thanks for all my blessings! Yes, I know that we should always be thankful, but November brings out the best of gratitude.

I am going to do part in November and share with you some people, places or things that bring me joy and that I am grateful are a part of my life.

When I started my blog in July of this year I really had no idea of all the work it would take to get started. I started doing my research, which included reading other blogs, developing a concept/purpose, and creating a name and design, just to name a few. I honestly did not know what I was getting myself into but I was not going to give up so easily. I heard the buzz around the office that my co-worker’s wife had a blog and it was pretty “dope”. I called my coworker into my office and asked if he could connect me with his wife. Within minutes, she sent me a text. I was really impressed with the response time!

Within days we exchanged countless texts messages, emails, and phone calls before even having a face-to-face meeting. She really impressed me and was willing to do whatever was needed to help me succeed. Our first meeting was at the neighborhood coffee shop, Old Soul in Oak Park (one of her favorite spots). I think we met at 7pm and closed the place down. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed (and I even spilled her coffee) but she was there with me every step of the way! I am not a computer wiz; she taught me stuff and even gave me homework with due dates. I was a little shocked but I was going to make her proud.

Simona Collage

I had a date that I wanted to launch and was not giving up. I repeatedly said to her, “We have to make my launch date.” She promised me we would and we did. Sometimes I believe she worked on developing my blog site more hours than I did.  She soon started to call me her “blogger boo!”

Simona Marie Young is not just an awesome friend, blogger, and photographer, but she’s also an awesome wife and mother.  She juggles it all and does it with a smile. Her entire family is delightful and full of happiness. I always say when kids are happy, it’s the result of happy parents and that is very true in her case! It is always a joy to be with Simona and her family!

Family CollageIn this season of gratitude, I want to thank Simona Marie Young ( for her support, hard work, and friendship. Simona, I would not be a blogger without you. I look forward to the many lessons (and homework) that you have waiting for me! I have much respect for you and all that you do! THANK YOU!!

In this season of gratitude; send someone an email, a card, buy them a cup of coffee or simply tell them, thank you! I bet you will brighten their day!!

Please visit Simona’s awesome blog at  (