Real Housewives Of Atlanta…..Please STOP!

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No more drama

As many of you know, I am not a fan of most reality television shows.  I was in Atlanta two weeks ago celebrating my birthday and on Sunday my best friend asked that I watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA).  I decided to give in and  let go of my RHOA-ban and just go ahead and watch an episode. It was the first of two episodes that show cased the brawl that started at the pajama party.

I don’t want to come off as self- righteous, so I’ll admit that I watched the RHOA for the first two seasons. But the day I decided to stop watching the show was when the episode aired where Nene and Kim were on the bus and the two women had a very heated exchange. After that exchange, I knew that this was not the show for me. I do watch some reality television but I am not a fan of shows where the people (I can’t call them actors/actresses) act in a way that if I acted similarly, I would be embarrassed.

Two weeks later the second episode aired and I followed comments on FB and Twitter from people on the East Coast. The comments varied, some were outraged at NeNe, some at Kenya, and some at Apollo. I did not watch the second episode when it aired but decided to record it to see if anything would be explained that would make me change my mind.  Sorry to say, that did not happen.

I just have a few takeaways from the show:

– I really think these ladies are ” drama magnets” and enjoy every minute of it.

– I’m not sure why adults in committed relationships think it’s appropriate to have a pajama party where people wear attire that is only appropriate for their significant other to see. What’s the point?

– I have never seen a show where the men gossip as much as the women. Why is there so much gossip on one show between adults?

– If my friends and I treated each other this way, we would no longer be friends.

– I was very happy to see Porsha leave the party due to all the drama.

– The blame for what transpired is on all them because they are adults and should act as such.

– It was still more drama  when Kandi brought every one together to apologize and “squash” the events of the pajama party. I said, oh well and just threw my hands up in the air in defeat like I was personally affected. LOL  

After watching both episodes, I still have the same feelings for the show. We live in a world where reality television dominates, where nothing is private and everyone wants fame and notoriety. I know some of the people on these shows don’t consider themselves role models, but our kids and adults are imitating their behavior and that is not the type of behavior to emulate.

I hope that the women and men of RHOA look at these two episodes and really think about what they are portraying to the masses and make a change for better. I know it won’t help with ratings but they must consider the bigger picture.

I can only hope; and as Jesse Jackson said in the 1988 Democratic National Convention, “keep hope alive'”.