Fashion Alert: Men’s Spring/Summer 2014

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Dolce-Gabbana with words


Versace with words






For some of you, the spring weather cannot get here soon enough. Many areas have been hit with tons of snow and freezing temperatures with no sign of getting any better. So for everyone- and especially those folks- maybe this blog can put you in the spring/summer frame of mind.

Some of you may know the fashion industry operates about one season ahead. For example, New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 was showcased September 5-September 12, 2013 and New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 was showcased February 6-13, 2014. Fashion weeks are held several months in advance of the season to allow the press and buyers a chance to preview fashion designs for the following season and to allow time for retailers to arrange to purchase or incorporate the designers into their retail marketing. By doing this, we are able to see the best creations from some of the world’s best designers.

Feeling really excited about Spring/Summer 2014, I decided to check out a few of my favorite designers to see what masterpieces would be arriving in stores. From what I saw in my search, I am pretty eager about the upcoming season’s trends, colors and styles. I saw everything from pleated pants, double-breasted blazers, shorts in all sizes and variations, sleeveless button downed shirts, leather and most importantly bold COLORS. I looked at collections by Versace, Prada, Louis Vuitton,Givency, Dolce and Gabbana, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Dsquared2, just to name a few.

givenchy with words

I am a big fan of Dolce and Gabbana’s spring collection( They showcased great stylish suites (single and double breasted jackets) and shorts in different lengths (so glad I’ve been working on my legs) topped off with awesome prints. I felt the collection had great sex appeal!

My other favorites were Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, and Versace. Versace ( of course did a great job with color, shorts, leather, sleeveless buttoned down shirts (I LOVE), and the belted blazer (another favorite). My favorite male designer, Tom Ford, did it again.. Tom Ford is the master of the two buttoned blazer and printed pants. It takes a very stylish/confident man to wear those printed pants accented with printed slippers. Hey, I am willing. You?

DSquared2 with wordsI want to do a special shout out to Givency ( for its great use of bold color and patterns and Dsquared2 ( The Dsquared2 collection has what I call “street appeal” items, great vacation items and even some basic suiting. I could definitely see the “young fashion forward” men of NYC and Washington, DC sporting these outfits.

Just from the look of these collections, I am really excited and inspired about Spring/Summer 2014 and I hope you are too!!!

Thanks D.I.R.!!  🙂