Puerto Vallarta and Casa En Las Nubes………A Perfect Getaway!

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The spring/summer is here and that means vacation time.  I have a few close friends who work for the same organization and they decided to have their work retreat in Puerto Vallarta. When they decided to stay an extra five days, of course I had to join them. Isn’t that what friends are for?

This is now our third trip to Puerto Vallarta and each time it gets better. Last year for my 45th birthday, we found this exquisitely beautiful place to stay, Casa En Las Nubes (http://www.luxurypvrvilla.com). This place is so breath taking that I have recommended it to all of my friends. It is perfect for a family vacation or a nice get away with a group of friends. Casa En Las Nubes has everything you need! After getting to Casa En Las Nubes and you still need the beach, it is a short walk or cab ride away!

As soon as you enter the penthouse you instantly fall in love with the beautiful décor. You can tell that the owner paid attention to very detail. The architecture and decorating detail is mind- blowing and breathtaking.  The panoramic views of the city and the Pacific Ocean are absolutely beautiful. Whether you are looking at the sunrise or the sunset you won’t be disappointed.

When you rent the penthouse it comes with a staff of three (Santos, Cecilia, and Jorge) and the level of customer service from the staff is outstanding. The biggest treat is to have meals prepared by the house chef, Santos. You can select your menu or have Santos create one for you. This visit I let Santos have creative control for every meal and honestly, it was one of my best decisions. Each meal was better then the one before!

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I have now made Puerto Vallarta a constant part of my summer vacations plans in large part due to Casa En Las Nubes, which I call my second home.  If you plan to visit Puerto Vallarta you must stay here, it will be your best vacation!!

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For more information visit, http://www.luxurypvrvilla.com