Time to Reconnect

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Reconnection 3I know many things have changed in the world recently but there are two things I will never get tired of: a telephone conversation with a loved one and a nice handwritten note. For many of us, these two things seem like a total infringement on our time but they each have so much value.

Phone Calls

Last night I had the opportunity to speak with two good friends. The first call lasted fifty-five minutes and the second call lasted forty-three minutes.  Both calls flowed naturally and we had tons to talk about. I know we are all busy with work, extracurricular activities, school and mates, we find very little time to have a good ol’ telephone conversation. Both of the friends I spoke with live on the East Coast and we always text. The time difference doesn’t help either. But when it comes down to it, there is no substitute for communicating with those far away than a phone call. What I know for sure is that a text message cannot properly convey when someone is happy, sad or dealing with a stressful situation, and sometimes it just feels good to hear someone’s voice.

Letter Writing

This is another form of communication that I love and again does not happen enough. My mother loves to write letters, so I must say I get this from her.  Sometimes a greeting card cannot convey what you need to say like your own words can. When I send pre-printed cards, I still write a personalized message to fully express what I am feeling. My friends and I do not exchange gifts but they know my favorite things are fresh flowers and a personalized card.

Here are a few helpful hints to rebuild those relationships/connections:

1. On your next visit to Walmart or Target, pick up some blank stationary.

Think about five people who you have not had a telephone conversation with or who you would like to write a nice note too.

If you are extremely busy, add it to your schedule so you won’t forget.

2. If both parties are busy, schedule a time to talk and catch up.

If you really want to make it fun, call it “tea time” or “wine and conversation”.  This may help make it feel more like an in-person conversation.

3. The next time you send a Hallmark card, personalize it with a handwritten message.

4. Turn off the TV and turn on some nice background music while writing your personalized cards or having those telephone conversations.

When you honestly think about it, you are not that busy and your mate will not cry if you take a few minutes for someone else; they may want to do the same thing! So take the time to reconnect with loved ones and be responsible for making someone else smile!!

Happy/healthy relationships last longer!

I would love to here how some of you stay connected with loved ones. Please share!!