For The Love Of Family

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Family RootsSince I’ve been living on the West Coast, I usually try to get home at least two times a year; once in the summer and once on Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday).  This year has been a little different due to two special events: a milestone celebration in June with former colleagues and my nephew’s wedding in August.  Plane tickets to the East Coast have been a little pricy but I could not miss these two events.

D and D Collage

However, this last trip was very special. I was asked to walk my mother down the aisle at my nephew’s wedding (my brother’s youngest son). I did not know many details about the wedding so I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the venue to see the ceremony would be outside by the water. It was absolutely beautiful!

During the reception I had the opportunity to catch up with extended family members who I had not seen in years but now I’m able to follow them on Facebook. It was a great time!! One of the best moments was when my other nephew (Best Man and older brother of the groom) had to make a toast to the newlyweds. His speech was so honest, pure, loving and straight from the heart. He was not only speaking as his older brother but as his role model and that was the part that made me tear up. Aaron and Darius in B and W

My last night on the East Coast was spent with family eating crabs, telling jokes and reminiscing. I really enjoyed every minute and realized a few things while spending time with my family: spending time with family can be therapeutic. Family teaches real love and how to deal with situations, and I have been blessed with a “ride or die” family.

We all need to be good role models to all our siblings especially the younger ones and I can say my family works hard to do that with every generation. There was a time when everyone’s role model was his or her mother, father or sibling. But I feel that today, there is a greater need for more positive role models for everyone. Family members can serve that role by showing that they are invested in their family members’ futures. When we don’t invest in our families/loved ones, they will most likely turn to things and people, and there is less of a guarantee that others will be invested in them to the same degree as their own family.

I thank God everyday that my family invested in me, led by a loving mother who taught and showed her children how to respect and love each other! I know that sometimes family relationships can be a little tough but remember: blood is thicker than water!