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Be-Still-LogoHave you ever been exhausted but kept going?  Have you ever said “yes” to so many people that you have not had time for yourself? Do you ever just want to turn off the phone and not speak to anyone? Do you ever make a checklist of things and still forget to do stuff? If you can answer “yes” to the any of these questions, it’s time to take a break, relax and BE STILL.

I used to be one of those people; over committing myself to things, doing favors for others (while they were resting), trying to attend every social function-basically trying to be Superman, trying to do everything for everyone. I felt every weekend the sun was shining was a time I had to be outside doing some sort of activity, until I realized I live in California now and the sunny days out number the cloudy days.

I know it is extremely hard for some people to “BE STILL” if they have a spouse, kids, school and/or a very demanding job, but it is very important the mind and body get proper rest. I compare not getting enough rest to trying to drive your car without gas- they both will just stop moving.  Doing meditation has taught me how important it is to just BE STILL and rest.

Here are a few tips for and benefits of rest and relaxation:

 –       Giving the mind a break can result in better clarity.

–       Find an activity that gives your mind a mental break. I would highly recommend meditation.

–       Rest can reduce stress levels.

–       If you do not accomplish everything in one day, your world will not fall apart.

–       Getting proper rest allows your body to recover from daily stress and to re-energize.

–       The less hectic your schedule, the healthier you will eat.

–       Napping can rejuvenate and is better than caffeine.

–       Eight hours of sleep is needed to repair your body.

–       If you have to, schedule alone/relaxation time and turn off the phone.

–       Getting proper rest will improve your spirit.

–       Being  STILL allows you time to reconnect with you and God.

Through meditation I have learned that the experience of doing nothing, thinking nothing and saying nothing is awesome. There’s a great wisdom in learning to relax and letting go of all tension and stress.  I listen to my body now. When I am tired, it means I need rest.  In order for me to be productive, my mind body and soul must all be in alignment.  Some days just being here is enough!


“Being is a state of fullness, because when you are just being you are possessing your true and complete self.”  – Deepak Chopra