A New Day

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A New DayAs a child I did not like getting up in the morning. My mother would wake us up early (especially on the weekends) to do household and outside chores. For example, the fall was raking leaves, winter was shoveling snow, and the summer was cutting the grass. Every Saturday morning the interior of the house had to be cleaned from top to bottom and that was a non-negotiable. My most hated chore was cleaning every window in the house.  I remember hanging out the window to make sure the top and bottom of every window was cleaned; and trust me, my mother was there to inspect! Oh, how I wanted to stay in my bed on those Saturday mornings!

Now at forty -five years old, I love all my mornings! Most weekday mornings, my day starts at 5:30am so I can get to the gym by 6am for my workout. Even on the weekends my body automatically wakes up by 6am. I may not get out of bed but I am up thinking about what I want or need to accomplish for the day.  When I finally get out of bed, my day resembles my childhood days- cleaning the house, washing clothes, and other household chores. My mother really planted a seed in me!!

I have also come to realize that the mornings mean so much more to me. I love opening up the blinds, letting the morning sun hit my face, and thanking God for another day. I am also happy when I wake up to clouds or rain because it is all a part of God’s plan and I am happy to be alive.

The morning reminds me that all my issues/problems from yesterday are in the past and I have another chance to do some things differently and hopefully better. I have a new day to accomplish my goals, fulfill my dreams, and hopefully be a blessing to someone.  Every morning I have two options: waste the day or use it for good. And for me, I will always use it for good!

Five Reasons to Look Forward to a NEW DAY:

  1. The opportunity to correct the mistakes of yesterday.
  2. The opportunity to be a blessing to someone.
  3. The opportunity to continue your goal(s) or to make new ones.
  4. To be thankful for all your blessings.
  5. To be able to spend another day with the ones you love the most.


How will you use your day?