A Better YOU

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Do you ever get that feeling when you know something is not right but you keep trying? Do you ever find yourself trying to make a relationship work that really should have ended months ago or probably should never have started? You can’t describe those feelings but you know it just doesn’t feel right in your spirit.  It’s like you are in a constant battle with yourself; Lord knows sometimes you run but you keep running into you. I think we have all been there one time or another and if you have not, keep living, it will happen.

One of the things in my life I have come to realize is that most of the bad situations I find myself in, I created. That may sound depressing but it’s actually empowering. Because it also means if I could create them, I can get out of them.  With every situation or circumstance, we should be learning and growing but I have realized that does not happen for everyone. Some people make the same mistakes time after time because they are growing, but not growing better.

I was watching Sunday service from my home church in Baltimore (New Psalmist Baptist) online, and Bishop Thomas’s sermon was right on time.  It feels good to know that whenever something is in your heart, God knows exactly how to shed some light on it.  Bishop Thomas said some things in his sermon that are definitely worth sharing:

–       The greatest way to get through dark places is to remember how good God is to you.

–       Do not let life circumstances hold you where you are.

–       Feeling uneasy is a sign that God is about to bring about change.

–       You cannot take old you into new places. (One of my favorites.)

–       Messy people rub off on you.  Hang around people who encourage your growth. (My thoughts: pick your friends wisely and you don’t need a lot of them.)

–       You have to talk to God about you. (My thought: do it every day.)

–       If you are not happy with yourself, you can change. Once you acknowledge something is not right inside of you, you are ready to be healed.

–       Grow into the new you.

–       There is a ME inside of ME trying to get out of ME.

We all know when it is time for change.  When we continue to make the same mistakes all the time, we are not standing in our truth and not honoring ourselves.  That uneasy feeling you are having is happening for a reason. Honor yourself and listen to it. Don’t stay in situations or with people that are not good for you and your continued (better) growth. Every day we should be striving to be better people!!


A season of a better you means coming out of you. You can’t handle the next stage until you become the next you.  

~Bishop Walter Thomas