Choose To Be Happy

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Happy CollageWe live in a world that tells us that we need to have “this or that “ or be “this or that” to be happy and as a result, many struggle to live up to that standard. If your happiness depends on acquiring certain things, having a mate, or being a certain size, please understand your happiness will only be temporary and inconsistent.  We are all different and are affected by different things; to place your happiness in anything outside of yourself is to give something or someone else control of your own emotions. I wholeheartedly believe that being happy is a choice.

For many years, I worked as a retail manager. I always referred to that career as being an actor. My clients were the audience, the sales floor was my stage and I was there to put on a good show (make sure all my clients left happy). I would always tell my staff, “Once we open the doors, it’s lights, camera and action.” We had a job to do. My belief was (and still is) that some people shopped when they are depressed and it was our job to make sure they left feeling better.

One of the things I never understood is how some people wake up with a bad attitude. Did they go to bed in bad mood, have a bad dream or just wake up and decide to be grumpy? In our adult lives we will all have experiences that will make us, break us or try to shake our faith. Once confronted with the problem, it is up to us to figure out the desired outcome. Here are a few of my best practices that helped me over the years:

 –       If you can’t control, don’t own it.

–       No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Learn how to forgive yourself and others.

–       Surround yourself with positive/happy people.

–       When friends or family call you with their issues, only give them 15 minutes. Anything longer and it will start to affect your mood.

–       Lots of prayer and/or meditation.

–       Don’t sweat the small stuff.

–       Listen to uplifting music to help counteract bad feelings/thoughts.

–       Do stress-relieving activities such as yoga, weightlifting, aerobics, etc.

–       Learn from your mistakes.

–       Keep a diary or journal of your daily activities.  Pay close attention to those things that affect you negatively. Get rid of them and add more of the things that make you feel happy.

–       Always remember: when you wake up the next day, it is an opportunity to get it right. You have another chance.

–       SMILE even when it hurts.


Depression is a real thing and it affects many people.  We cannot control every situation or every person, so stop trying! As my friend and brother states everyday: PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) all day!

Happy Mind=Happy Body!