Trusting Your Decisions

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unnamedI get so excited when I get the email that Oprah and Deepak are doing one of their meditation experiences. I did my first one in 2013 and I have participated in every one after that. I also try to enlist some of my friends to be a part of the meditation experience. They always seem to come at the time when I need to slow down, get centered and focus. This most recent one was, Manifesting True Success. Who doesn’t want true success?

On day 14 of this 21-day meditation experience, the focus was, “Trusting Your Decisions.” I listened to this one several times because it really resonated with me. I’m sure a few of you (like me) have doubted some of your decisions and let the imaginary “what if” get the best of you. Well that was where I was, sitting in the dark and listening to day 14 and I felt like Deepak was speaking directly to me.

It resonated with me so much that I felt the overwhelming need to share Deepak’s words of wisdom with you just in case you are in that familiar place. I hope these words help you as much as they helped me.

“When you have true success everyday you can look back and trust that you made the right choices. But decisions often feel like coming to a fork in the road and after you take one road you wonder what the other would be like. That’s only natural but you don’t want to look at the road you’re on with regret. When you don’t trust in your decision, an imaginary “what if” hangs over your life. ‘What if I hadn’t turned down that job offer? What if I had met someone else?’ These “what if’s” take your focus away from the present moment where your future is created. To trust that your choices fit your larger plan, the options don’t have to be just choice A or B. Life is too uncertain to control or predict. We don’t even know what our next thought will be much less what will unfold in a year or ten years. How can we make this uncertainty be a friend? The answer lies in a greater vision. Think that there is a higher purpose in life that is carried forward by a higher intelligence. In reality this intelligence lies within. It governs, creates and controls the enfoldment of your personal reality. Your choice is to align with your higher intelligence and trust it when you can’t see why some things are happening. Trust doesn’t happen in a vacuum if there is a certain crisis, disappointment or frustrating setback. You can tell yourself that everything happens for a reason but it’s much better to feel secure in this belief. To know from experience that setbacks and disappointments are meant to fit into your evolution. The more you connect with your true self the more any setback will fit into one of the following categories: it is temporary and straightens itself out with minimal effort; it points you in a new direction asking you to reexamine what you are doing; it contains hidden negative emotions or beliefs that you need to work on; or it prepares the way for a new opportunity that is getting ready to present itself. If you still can’t understand why the setback fits into a larger plan, have patience. Return to your center and accept for the moment that life contains some uncertainties that cannot be explained. In time the explanation may come. In the meantime there is still the larger plan that is carrying you forward. Your higher self is always guiding you to grow your state of well-being even though there are bumps along the way.”

Centering Thought: I trust that my life fits a larger plan.