Thank YOU!

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FullSizeRenderToday marks two years that I embarked on this blogging adventure and I still love it! Honestly, I started blogging mainly for myself. I was trying to find more purpose in my life’s journey and fill an empty space. Looking back at these part two years, I know I’ve received that and much more.

Many of you have told me how it has touched your lives to read about my journey or the journey of the folks I have interviewed. After receiving countless emails and text messages, I realized that this blog is much bigger than me. We all have different paths but in so many ways the journey is the same. We all experience the same things: financial issues, relationship issues, job issues, inner conflicts, and the list goes on. Sometimes it’s just helpful to know that someone has been where you are or where you have been.

Over the last two years, sharing my journey has gotten easier and been very cathartic. While writing, I usually have an “ah-ha!” moment and end up feeling much better. And yet, there are times I get caught up in the number of subscribers, likes and comments for the blog. At those moments, I have to breathe and remember why I started this in the first place: mainly for my own self-reflection and happiness, with the hope of that I can spread some joy and light in even just one other person’s life. During those times, I remember how blessed I am to have my mother as a supporter who reads every blog post. I recall having a conversation with my mother about how she disagreed or disliked something I wrote. I reminded her that it was my story and my interpretation and not about her. She quickly agreed, understood and we moved on to something else. She is my heart!!!

Thank you for a great two years! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read every blog posting and look at every picture. Your words of encouragement and support mean so much. My journey is not over and I am looking forward to what lies ahead and sharing every part of it with you!

I know everyday is not easy but stay grounded, pray, have faith and let LOVE lead the way!!

Great moments make great memories!! SVB