No More Negativity

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NegativeOver the years and more so recently, I have learned a lot but one of my most important lessons is that our lives cannot progress when we hold onto anger. When you are angry or unhappy, you are stuck and your life cannot progress in a positive way. At some point anger will convert to stress and will affect you mentally and physically.  Prolonged anger or any other negative emotion will soon convert to stress and when we are stressed out, it means we cannot handle what is going on our lives. That point is when we need to slow down and refocus.

Most of the time when we are angry or sad it’s for one or two reasons: we are angry with ourselves or angry with others for not doing something for us that we feel they are obligated to do.

With regard to the first reason, we have to allow ourselves to make mistakes, get the lesson and get over it. The longer we stay angry or disappointed, the longer we let the negative energy color the way we look at life.  You will go to bed angry and wake up angry because you have not dealt with you and the source of your anger. My rule is I do not allow myself to be angry or upset at something that happened the day before. It’s a new day and another chance to improve.

As for the second reason, if you live your life like this you will be angry/disappointed every day. You have to learn not to give others power that belongs to you that they should never have. People will disappoint you everyday, that’s just life. God did not intend for you to be angry or carry that negative energy with you and allow it to steal your joy.  I realized a long time ago that people do what they want, when they want and with whom they want.  I have decided never to put my happiness in someone else.

I have learned that I need to know my truth and live in it because it cannot harm me and because it only allows me to grow. I wake up everyday thanking God for waking me up, and I pray that I cause no hurt or harm to anyone and that none causes hurt or harm to me, that I learn something new and that everything I do come from a place of love. When you give off love, joy and happiness it comes back to you. If I cannot love me and forgive me, I cannot offer that to others. Love is what we all need!!!