Choosing Your Attitude

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The other day I received the following questions from a friend via Facebook:

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Is stating super happy comments really and truly helping your happiness? Yes it is very therapeutic.

What else do you do to make your mind happy? Pray, listen to pastors who give uplifting sermons, read motivational/inspirational books, listen to motivational/inspirational music, do not dwell on things that make me unhappy or talk at length to unhappy people, view my cup as half full nit half empty, and surround myself with uplifting people.

Have you always done it or were you going through stuff and had to focus and force it more? I was always a happy person but I did have an incident that made me realize that life is too short not to enjoy every minute.

My childhood was a pretty happy one, the youngest of five, three sisters and one brother. Our home was normally full of excitement and laughter with the occasional disagreement just like any other family.  My mother was the head of the household and ran it as such. She was and still is full of energy, always in good spirits and loves to have a good time.  Just from my observations of my mother, I grew up believing the good times out weighed the bad times and not much made her angry.

As I began to mature, I remembered how my mother handled her day and I wanted to do the same. There will be things and people that will attempt to ruin the day but I had to learn to develop barriers to protect my positive attitude. One of my favorite things to do when I feel my mood is changing is listening to gospel music. Gospel music reassures me that God is still in control and no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I log into the Richard Smallwood station on Pandora and let the music speak to me. Lately, the song I always play when I need to refocus is, “Lord I’m Available To You” by Rev. Milton Brunson; once I hear it, all is good in the world!

We must remember that the power lies within us to choose our attitude for the day. Things or people will always try to steal our joy but it is up to us to determine their success rate!!

18 thoughts on “Choosing Your Attitude

  1. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.. I will most definitely start incorporating this in my life.

  2. I’m hit or miss with Gospel but I for sure agree with you when it comes to choosing your attitude. I work HARD to stay positive and when I say work hard, I put in EXTRA work because the devil is hard at work out here!

    1. LOL. I am a huge fan of old school gospel, it keeps me stored up. You gotta stay 2 steps in front of the devil. SVB

  3. Love the last line. It is so empowering when you understand that what happens around you does not have to dictate how you feel. Go SVB!

    1. I know NJ, it took me a minute to realize! Thanks for your support. SVB

  4. Let your light so shine, SVB, that they may see YOUR good works! To you and your new blog, well done my friend! Well done!

  5. Thanks to GoodLookOut I’m here on your blog being encouraged. I love what you wrote on your About page about unplugging and reading. I am right in that kind of season right now. If it’s not feeding my mind and spirit I can’t indulge. I need more…more beauty, more love, more connection, more God….so yeah, THANK YOU for sharing that. Keep sharing!

    1. Thanks Beatrice! I am so excited to be embarking on this journey…always willing to share and learn from others. We must support each other and spread the love! PS. I was just checking out your blog and lovin it!!! SVB

  6. Let your light so shine SVB, so that they may see YOUR good works…….! To you and your new blog, well done my friend. Well done!!

    1. Thank you CJH!!! You have been a great inspiration in my life. Thanks for being an awesome role model!! SVB

  7. Mr. Branch’s PMA-filled missives are one of the highlights of my day. Shall be visiting on a constant basis…

    1. Mr. Lammett…..thanks for bringing the sunshine to the office everyday and forcing the love, it is needed.

  8. Wow!!! My friend, I’m so proud of you for this wonderfully inspirational venture. You have to know the incrdible and positive influence that you have in many of our lives; and now so many more will benefit from your big heart.

    Thank you for helping us guard our hearts and minds from the FOOLISHNESS that is meant to destroy us.


    1. Thanks for your ongoing support Mr. Greene! This was something I gave alot of thought too and I pray that it will be an uplifting experience for all. We are all in this together.

  9. This has spoken to my heart. I strive every day for such peace. If I dwelled on all of the unfortunate things that I have experienced in life then I would not have been able to achieve the goals that I have today. I would be destroyed spiritually, emotionally and eventually physically. But God has had another plan in my life an I chose to follow HIS plan and life a fruitful an positive life. Thank you Shawn for blessing us all with this blog.

    1. Thanks Lisette for the wonderful words. It is a pleasure working with you. We have to stayed anchored to God cause like you stated we would all be destroyed! Continue to stay positive!

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