21-Day Meditation Challenge and How It Changed My Life

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I just completed the 21- Day Meditation Challenge (https://chopracentermeditation.com) and it was awesome!! I went in with one expectation: to strengthen my connection with mind and soul. But I finished with a lot more.  Some of my major takeaways are:

–       I am love

–       It all starts with me

–       Accepting others and things as they are

–       Living in the present

–       I attract what I am

–       Letting my light shine

–       Forgiveness is for me

I will admit not many of these things are new to me; but somewhere along my journey, I lost sight of them.  Sometimes in life we need things to help us remember where we are and what direction we should be headed, so we can continue on our journey, to give and get the best out of life.

One of the biggest things that amazed me was how being “still” and “centered” could bring so much calm into my life. For example, the things people did or said did not bother me as much, I was not looking forward to the end of the work day as much, and I was able to recognize those moments when I needed to breathe and let it go. Please know I did not replace prayer with meditation, I do them both!!

I will continue to meditate daily and I hope those of you who did this challenge will continue to as well.

Did you take part in this challenge? If so, how did it change your life? I would love for you to share your comments and feelings with me.  I know the last 21 days has changed my life and I pray that it did the same for you!

Be well!!