Happy Mother’s Day: A Mother’s Love

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Mother’s Day is a very special day when we honor mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. Mothering is very big job and should not be taken lightly. Being a mother means years of nurturing, caring, cultivating and putting their happiness on hold for the child seems to go on for a lifetime. Yes, I do believe that being a mother is the hardest job.

Like many of you, I believe that I have the best mother in the world. She is my best supporter, cheerleader, protector, therapist, teacher, counselor, and role model. Without her loving support and guidance, I would not be the man I am today. At 76 years old she still has all the zest for life of a 40 year old. Just the other day I called her and she was not home; I wanted to know where she was so I texted her. She nicely responded, “I was at my line dance and Zumba class.” I just laughed and could not wait to tell one of my friends!

As I salute mothers and the role they play, I asked a few friends to share their views on their mothers and motherhood.

Adrianna Hutchinson                                                                         

Adrianna and MomHow do you keep the spirit of your mother alive in your heart?

Answering this question has taken me days. I don’t think I have an answer. My mother’s spirit is alive in my heart, because I am her. I don’t consciously keep it there, but as long as I am me, she stays in my heart. Sometimes, this is why my grief is so overwhelming. She’s so close to me that I can’t keep but feel her spirit, and this makes me miss her physical presence immensely. On the day that we buried my mama, one of my very best friends gripped me as I was weeping and said, “Your mom is not in that box. Do you understand me?” All I could do was nod. Though I was completely wrought with sorrow, this gave me a moment of peace and continues to bring me peace today. As long as I stay true to myself, my mama’s spirit is with me. Love you mom.

The best lesson your mother ever taught you?

My mama taught me so many things. There were things she taught me by telling me a countless number of times, things she taught me through emulating positive behaviors, and even things she taught me by being honest about the mistakes she had made. The last lesson will also be the most lasting, and that is to deal with everything that you can, with love and compassion.

My mama was dying. Her body was shutting down as a tumor in her brain took over. However, that tumor touched her spirit in a way that I would have never imagined. She became courageous and peaceful at the same time. Her faith was stronger than I had ever seen it, and it showed as she moved peacefully through the last stages of her life.

I think the central lesson that all of this taught me is to surrender to God. My mama seemed so healthy until she woke up one morning and had trouble moving the left side of her body. Three and a half months later, she went to Heaven. Control is an illusion and a wasteful one at that. There is nothing more important than loving and being present in your love. That’s the most important lesson my llama ever taught me.

Lisette Castillo                                                                                                  Lisette and Mother

What do you enjoy most about being a mother?

What really fulfills my heart as a mother is knowing that no matter my imperfections (and I have many) my children love me anyway. The morning greetings and the afternoon hugs really make motherhood worthwhile. It is an inexplicable feeling of happiness and joy in my heart that no one can take away. My children are the center of my world. They fill my cup all the way to the top and they over flow it with joy on a daily basis. I never knew that I could love not one but two little people more than life itself. Truly, motherhood has allowed my heart to expand beyond my imagination. I enjoy the confirmation of my children’s most honest confessions, with expressions like “Mama, you are the best mommy in the universe of mommies.” At that very moment, I am filled with gratitude and honor for such privilege.

What is the biggest lesson your mother taught you about being a good mother or the best lesson your mother ever taught you generally?

Wow—I have learned so many lessons from my mother that it would take days to list all of them. My mother has always been an admirable woman. She is the true “Wonder Woman” in my eyes. She instilled in me her tenacity, courage, and strength since the day I existed.  She has always reaffirmed my worth starting from when I was a little girl, to when I was a young lady and even now as I am a grown woman and a mother myself. Before I became a mother, I already knew I wanted to be like her. Her sweet touch, endless lectures, healing hands, and tough love are what made me the well-rounded woman I am today. She inspired in me how to be a good mom to my offspring. Today, I find myself passing along many of her ways and upbringing to my own children.  Her words of encouragement and tough, unconditional love remain an everlasting lesson.

Francisco Castillo                                                                                  F and C Collage

What is the best lesson your mother ever taught you?

To this day, I continue to learn lessons from one of the most amazing and inspiring individuals in my life, my mother. My mom is my hero. While I was growing up, I witnessed a woman – always on the go – working multiple jobs and raising two kids as a single mother. My entire childhood, I observed a strong woman’s dedication to family and her persistence, despite the many challenges and struggles she faced. Through her experiences, my mother ingrained in me many lessons that to this day have benefitted me personally and professionally.

Here are just three out of the many lessons I learned from my mother:

Believe in yourself. There were many instances during my childhood when I would second-guess myself. My mother was and continues to be one of my biggest cheerleaders for whatever I decide to pursue personally and professionally. She taught me that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Be content with little. Being raised by a single mother, there were times when money was tight. My mother taught me and my sister that we need to be content with what we have. Money or material objects are not the key to happiness.
Value family. Although my parents divorced when I was 8 years old, I continued to be raised in a home filled with love, care, and happiness. No matter the circumstances, my mother taught us that family always sticks together through thick and thin. To this day, I strive to pass on these values to my own growing family.  After all, family unity is what keeps us going strong.

Why Lisette is a good mother?

Since Moisés and Amayah came into our lives, my wife has handled the day-to-day life of being a mom with such unwavering love. Showering a child with love and attention is probably one of the best qualities of a great mother, and Lisette clearly demonstrates this every single day. Being a mother is not an easy job. It requires hard work and patience. For the past seven years, I have witnessed my wife live, breath, and sacrifice for the well being of our children. They are her top priority and I feel so much comfort knowing that we are in this together, side-by-side, raising strong, self-assured, and confident children. My wife is the inspiration, not only in our children’s lives, but also my own.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers!!!!